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Edwina, Limerick

Hi Ciara, It was so lovely meeting you the other day also. We loved Ur visit with us and felt that you really understood what we were looking for. We loved Ur sketch. I love the den idea you suggested. It actually will be so nice for the kids to have playroom/chill space back. We also love the 'Jack and Jill' bathroom for the girls bedrooms. They will be delighted and fingers crossed that will kill a lot of our morning drama as they get older!!!!! We absolutely love the colour palette. I actually didn't anticipate u to send so much detail. It's just amazing. It makes it so so easy to navigate and finalise things. It just stops lots of the searching. So thanks again. Edwina, Limerick

Gemma, Templeogue

Ciara, just in from work here and taking a look at this, it’s great, I love it. I’m meeting the architect on Tuesday morning so fingers crossed he will make all the changes you suggested. Thank you so much for this and for the lovely helpful way you guided me through the plans yesterday, have a great weekend, Gemma, Templeogue

Caroline, Castleknock

That’s brilliant Ciara, thanks so much as we love your suggestions 😀 Have a lovely weekend, Caroline, Castleknock

Marie, Clontarf

Thanks so much Ciara and Gemma, really appreciate this, so helpful. Thank for you suggestion regarding Oyster Bed for boys bedrooms, you had also suggestion Silk Seal, I don't think I can go wrong with either of these. I am hoping to order my carpet, lights and curtains through AH Interiors, would not have know about them only for you, so a big thank you. Marie, Clontarf Thank you so much for all of this. Really helpful. I will come back with some questions in a week or two if thats alright.


Oh Wow!! Ciara, this is amazing. Thank you sooooo much. Sure you have all the work done for me - all I need to do is go shopping!!! These are all fantastic. Leo and I love everything you've suggested. Mind you, I may have to draw the line on 'Exotic Fowl' on the walls!!!! I've been 'googling' all the paint colours and fabrics and they all look gorgeous. I can't wait to get samples. I'll start contacting tradesmen early next week and see how we can progress the works. Thank you again for all your help. You are so gifted at what you do. Chat soon. Kind regards Helen

Michelle, Drumcondra

Many thanks Michelle, Drumcondra

Stella, Dublin, July 2021

I really would recommend your online service. We would have preferred meeting you in person to walk around the house but we are very grateful for you spotting the design flaw in our kitchen. We had talked long and hard about the kitchen as it had evolved from a few changes to the overall build but we knew it didn't work as we had envisaged. I'm very impressed that you addressed this straight away. The online did really work well for this. However, I would have liked to cover more issues such as lighting and furniture and I'm not sure if the lighting would work better on site? We have a few pieces that we'd like to move from Js family home that will be going on the market soon. We would be moving them from Cork though and we need to be sure it would be worth it. We also have not tackled any curtains etc :-) In any case we might call on you again to look at the house as we'll be moving in in a few weeks. I've left a review on your website. Thank you so much again.

MF, Dublin, June 2021

Thanks for those suggestions - it was great to meet you too and very helpful to go through everything. I might have one or two follow up questions once I review your emails but I've already begun the process of getting the place sorted and recommended you to my aunt in Booterstown.

Ciara O'Sullivan, Dunboyne, June 2021

I found the consultation excellent. Home rennovations can be very daunting and it can be very difficult knowing where to start. Ciara was very practical and listened to what it is we needed/wanted. Ciara looked at our plans for our house and gave us some really practical suggestions on how to use the space best. We adapted the plans to our house based on these suggestions and are thrilled we did so! Ciara made suggestions we ourselves never thought of. from chatting, Ciara got a ‘feel’ of our family and what would work best for us. The follow up email and list of contacts/suppliers is invaluable and it is great to have all the ideas in one place, you really get a sense of how the house/room will look. Ciara is very honest and practical. I really enjoyed my consultations with Ciara. It can be very overwhelming knowing where to start, but from speaking with Ciara I was really excited to get the process started. Ciara brought the fun back into it. Using technology, the consultation worked out really well as CiAra was able to email images/photos etc of her ideas and vice Versa being able to send Ciara to get her opinion works really well. I would highly recommend working with Ciara!

Ita, Donnybrook, Dublin, May 2021

Thank You so much Ciara for today and for your really efficient and helpful advice during our consultations; I’ve found your sound and practical advice really helpful. It has taken a lot of the stress for me out of this whole process. I’m looking forward to getting these final details sorted and showing you the finished product ! Thank You again and I hope the problem with your eyes is resolved soon

Fiona, Dublin, May 2021

Thanks so much for your email and the consultation which was really helpful. My husband was surprisingly receptive to the idea of the new layout and I have gone back to my kitchen guy for a new design. Our next project will be sorting out our sitting room and bedroom so will definitely be back to you.

Niamh Daly O'Rourke, July 19th, 2019

I can’t recommend Ciara enough! We recently extended and reorganized the interior of our home and went for The full package. It was worth every penny!! Her practical knowledge and endless resources saved us so much time, effort and money. Her eye for detail is second to none and she thinks of everything you would not!! I can’t thank her enough for helping us create our beautiful new home.

Lisa Halpenny, July 6th, 2019

Thank you Ciara for your invaluable help to redecorate our dad's apartment. Your recommendations have been all taken on and I'm just ticking all the boxes in your email!! Great ideas, even help with colour for garden walls which I didn't even think of! Such a great service for 3 busy daughters who are trying to move their dad in! Highly recommend Ciara! Very easy to work with, really listened to what dad needed and wanted, practical, cost efficient and has great taste!! SO grateful we found her!

Tara Kelly, March 6th, 2019

I would highly recommend Drennan Interiors. We used Ciara for advice with a renovation project and found her advice to be so helpful and practical. Ciara helped us with our kitchen design, picked amazing paint colours for our home that we are delighted with and gave very frank and honest advice in other areas where we were undecided. I found her really useful for those tricky decisions where we just weren't sure what to do and were getting conflicting advice from other parties. It was money well spent and I have no doubt we will use Ciara's services again soon. We used many of the suppliers that Ciara recommended and have been so happy with their services too.

Debbie Vard, November 29th, 2018

A lovely person and team who genuinely listens to you and gives you time and intuitive , professional design advice based on your your lifestyle and taste. Drennan also coordinates all elements of your requirements with affordable but quality suppliers and are entirely customer focused. Drennan Interiors Attention to detail and back up is so professional. Highly recommend.

Janet, Lucan, August 2018

I had Ciara come for a 2 hour consultation, money very well spent. Delighted with all the ideas and advise on completely changing the look and feel of the house without spending a fortune and moving existing mirrors and pictures etc. Now to start the job, excited. Also gives recommendations for painters, kitchen and carpentry. Highly recommend.

Audrey, Meath, July 2018

I hired Ciara half way through what I thought was a simple Hall and living room renovation. The project came to a standstill when I couldn’t decide on paint colours and decided to hire Ciara for a 2hr consultation as I was spending a fortune on tester pots and getting no where. Not only did she advise on lighting, paint colours, carpets etc she stopped me from making some really bad expensive decisions such as changing the interior doors and putting up expensive book shelves in the wrong place. She redesigned the layout of the living room into a layout I had never considered. All this sorted in 2 hours. On top of this she recommends local tradesmen and suppliers she uses and follows up the Consultation with photos and contact details of suppliers. Will definitely goto Ciara if I’m doing any more projects. Super talented and lovely lady.

Catherine, Meath, May 2018

We hired Ciara for a consultation. We needed advice on how to improve our house – not just on colours and furniture, but also how we could improve how we arrange our rooms, store items, and use the house. We are the type who know what we like or don’t like when we see it, but just don’t know where to start. A lot of things frustrated me about our place, but I couldn’t see the wood for the trees so to speak. Ciara spent about 2 hours with us. She was very positive, sensitive, practical, and down-to-earth. She had ideas and saw opportunities that wouldn’t have come to us otherwise. She gave us good advice on how to brighten the place, good colours, carpentry work, room re-arrangement and layout, etc., and in the end I felt very positive about something that was a source of frustration. We will be implementing most of her suggestions over the coming months. Afterwards sent us a document with the recommendations and contact details. I would highly recommend Drennan Interiors.

Emily, May 2018

Ciara and her team are total professionals. Everything was completed to the highest standard across various projects. Her vision is fantastic, with a brilliant eye for detail and an exceptional understanding of colour. The projects were delivered on time, and in budget. I would not hesitate to contact Drennan Interiors again for future projects, or recommend Ciara, Gemma and the team to future clients.

Robert, Dublin, November 2017

Drennan Interiors are a very professional company who guided and supported me in November and December 2017 and through into January 2018 for a move into a new home. Ciara has great taste and style, an eye for colours and for colour matching. During a very busy time of Year ,over Christmas and New Year, Drennan Interiors were extremely supportive with quality tradesmen arriving to fit floors, carpets and blinds on the day of move in. Advice on fit out was top class and I would highly recommend this company.

Dave, May 2017

We are using Ciara for interior design advice and for sourcing materials. Ciara arrived at our initial meeting very well prepared and had excellent advice which we have progressed with. The project is ongoing and we will be using Ciara throughout.

Jenny, Kildare, April 2017

Incredibly friendly, down to earth and realistic Interior Designer.

I met Ciara by chance in a homeware shop where she was advising on colour schemes and she was so helpful and pleasant that I booked a 2 hr consultation with her. Ciara offered to do this in her own home instead of her office as she has several features that were the same as what we were building. At the consultation Ciara spent well over the allocated 2 hours with us and gave fantastic advice on everything from room layouts, styles, suppliers of doors, tiles, blinds, paints, light fittings, etc. in the style that we liked, and most importantly colours- walls, kitchen, furniture etc. for our entire house. We came away confident and full of new knowledge and looking forward to the project that had started to daunt us. Ciara also has a significant discount agreed with a paint company, so what we paid for the consultation will be saved in discount there anyway! Would highly recommend Ciara if you want to finish with a stylish liveable home on a realistic budget.